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A brief background of the case


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Judgment for sale

On behalf of his principal, Premier General Contracting Est. the victim had entered into a contract with Mr. Hassan Saeed, a local belonging to Abu Dhabi, taking on lease 24 flats in his business for six months. In consideration thereof, an amount of 10,08,000/- Dirhams/Year (US$ 3,50,000). The trouble started when Mr. Hassan wanted to wriggle out of the contract and was not willing to perform-

his obligations under the terms and conditions of the contract. Since the floors and flats were in worse condition, the victim initiated and taken up all sort of renovations including painting, replacement of civil, electro-mechanical fittings. There was an amount worth UAE Dirham 3,00,000.00 (AED 3 Lakhs) had already been spent the victim on behalf of his principal company, the Premier General Contracting, for renovation works that includes the cost of material and manpower.

In the meantime victim came to know that inspite of the agreement to convey the flats to him, Hassan Saeed had sold some of these flats to others against the terms and conditions of the contract and contrary to law.In view of the fact that he did not comply with the condition of the contract, victim was advised to institute a civil suit against Mr. Hassan Saeed. There were many serious complications were listed in the Civil Suit against Mr. Hassan Saeed as a Landlord.

The Hon' ble Judge injuncted the payment of the cheque and Mr. Hassan Saeed was unable to realise the advance payment of the contract. victim sought and got permission from the Court for remitting the sum covered by the cheque in court.On coming to know of this, Mr. Hassan Saeed threatened victim of serious consequences if he failed to withdraw the civil suit.

The critical incident took place on 26th October 1995, around noon when Hassan Saeed along with one of his accomplices came to the office of the victim. Taking advantage of the situation prevailing in that country and securing the help of Police even by resort to all unfair means, Hassan Saeed and his men, with the assistance of the Police, ransacked the entire office and deprived the victim of all his valuable.
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